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Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan Inaugurates 621 New Health Institutions.

On the 6th of April Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan, the Chief Minister of the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh recently announced the inauguration of 621 new health institutions across the state, which cost Rs 1942 crore. In his statement, he addressed the people of Madhya Pradesh as “My dear brothers and sisters” and expressed his hope that the newly inaugurated institutions would bring unprecedented improvement in health facilities. He also conveyed his best wishes for the health and happiness of the state’s residents.


  1. In a bid to improve the state’s health infrastructure, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, Shiv Raj Singh Chouhan, inaugurated 621 new health institutions.
  2. The newly inaugurated health institutions are spread across the state and have a total cost of Rs 1942 crore.
  3. The move is expected to bring unprecedented improvements to the state’s health facilities and is aimed at ensuring a better and happier life for the citizens.
  4. With the inauguration of these new health institutions, the state government aims to provide better access to healthcare services to the people of Madhya Pradesh and create a healthier state.
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