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Smriti Irani Urges Tech Companies To Prioritize Digital Safety For Women And Youth.


  1. Online safety for women and youth: With the increased usage of digital platforms, the risks of online abuse, harassment, and cybercrimes have also risen, especially for women and youth. Therefore, it is imperative to prioritize their digital safety to ensure they can fully participate in the digital age.
  2. Partnership with tech companies: Smriti Irani urged tech companies to partner more closely and responsibly with the government to ensure the digital welfare of women and children. Collaborative efforts between the two can help create a safer online environment for all.
  3. Government’s role in ensuring digital safety: The government has a significant role to play in ensuring the digital safety of its citizens. By creating and enforcing robust laws, regulations, and policies, the government can provide a safe and secure online space for women and youth.
  4. Empowering women and youth: Empowering women and youth with digital literacy and education can also play a crucial role in enhancing their digital safety. By equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge, they can protect themselves from online threats and make the most of the digital revolution.

On the 10th of April Smriti Irani, an Indian politician and current Minister of Women and Child Development recently spoke at the Digital Suraksha Summit hosted by Facebook’s parent company, Meta. During her speech, she highlighted the significance of online safety for young people and women in order to fully benefit from the digital revolution. She called on technology companies to work more closely and responsibly with the government to ensure the digital well-being of women and children. Irani’s remarks emphasize the importance of creating a safe and inclusive digital environment for all, especially vulnerable populations.

Why it is important

  • Online safety is crucial in today’s world as people of all ages are increasingly using digital platforms for communication, education, and entertainment.
  • The rise in cyberbullying, harassment, and online crimes against women and children makes it essential to take measures to ensure their safety online.
  • Partnerships between the government and tech companies can lead to the development of effective solutions and policies to address these issues.
  • Ensuring online safety can encourage more women and children to embrace technology and leverage its benefits, leading to a more inclusive and equitable society.
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