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Some great apps for parents to take better care of their kids.

In this dominant technology time, many people say it has become harder to manage children. I believe that they are not fully taking advantage of the technological advances. Your smartphone is a great example of how technology can automate half of your child’s needs.

Here we have discussed some great parenting apps for parents :-

1. Baby Led Kitchen

Baby Led Kitchen offers hundreds of recipes for kids that can remove all your worries about nutrition if you are a parent of young children. There are recipes for children from 6-months until they can eat independently. Every recipe is tried and tested for young children to make sure it is easy to cook and budget-friendly.

2. Baby Monitor 3G

If you often leave the baby alone, I recommend getting a monitoring app like Baby Monitor 3G for its reliability. You will need two phones, one to place next to the baby and one to keep with you. This app will show you a live video of your baby after a quick setup, no matter where you are in the world. It can work on both Wi-Fi and mobile data, and it can automatically adjust the video quality to ensure you never disconnect, even on a bad connection. The app will notify you when the baby is awake, and you can even talk to the baby through the phone to soothe them.

3. Growth Book

It is necessary to track your child’s growth, especially in the early years. The Growth Book app helps parents track the development of their children from birth to 5 years. The WHO Z score can be used to create a growth chart for the child, which can be updated monthly with the child’s new details. The food tracker also helps you keep the nutrition your child is taking in check and get ideas on what to cook. It recommends vaccinations for children based on their age and country of residence (120+ countries supported). You can also chat with real doctors for free advice for everything else.

4. Potty Whiz

Dealing with potty training is another big hurdle for every parent. The app offers a potty activity tracker and reminder, making the process a little easier. You can keep track of your child’s progress and improvements by logging activities related to their sessions. Did they tell you such things as when they go potty or have any accidents? The child can also be reminded to ask to use the potty on a custom schedule. Furthermore, you can encourage the child by using built-in praise sounds and animations in successful sessions.

5. Bark

Bark is a monitoring app that is beneficial for parents. It monitors the most popular mobile applications and keeps tabs on them to filter out any sign of cyber-bullying, suicidal ideation, etc. You can not only control your kid’s screen time, but also regulate their access to various websites. It helps your kid to stay away from the internet. This can assist you with your pro-active parenting. Bark can be downloaded on Android, iOS, and Amazon mobile devices. The cost of a subscription is USD 4 per month.

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