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Steady Performers: Top Blue-Chip Stocks for Reliable Returns

Blue-chip stocks, the largest and most consistently profitable companies, continue to be popular among investors due to their ability to deliver earnings and dividends year after year. These stocks are widely tracked and known in the market, and command a valuation premium due to their prestige and reliability. With high market share and strong balance sheets, they are considered less risky than smaller companies. As such, blue-chip stocks remain an attractive investment option for those looking for stability and long-term growth.

As on 28-02-2023 | 11:10 AM

SecurityISINSectorPrice1 day change (%)52 Week Low52 Week HighAll Time LowAll Time HighMarket Cap (Cr)
Aarti Industries Ltd.INE769A01020Chemicals527.80-1.67510.05990.003.341,168.4019,450.15
Coromandel International Ltd.INE169A01031Chemicals905.001.47752.151,094.003.701,094.4026,206.56
Deepak Nitrite Ltd.INE288B01029Chemicals1,789.95-1.041,681.152,391.001.703,020.0024,659.86
Divi’s Laboratories Ltd.INE361B01024Healthcare2,865.000.232,740.104,640.807.705,425.1075,862.96
Emami Ltd.INE548C01032Consumer Staples392.000.47374.80524.002.34714.0017,244.55
K.P.R. Mill Ltd.INE930H01031Textiles590.15-0.57479.45710.001.91771.8020,245.64
Sonata Software Ltd.INE269A01021Technology722.200.31457.58753.004.31772.5010,088.28
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