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Super Mario Bros 2: A Visual Novel


It’s been 30 years since the original Super Mario Bros was released! In this game, you play as a plumber searching for a princess who has been kidnapped by the evil King Koopa. The adventure boils down to grabbing stars and coins while avoiding pits and obstacles in order to find your princess and save the day. This game has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, which is pretty impressive.

What is a Visual Novel?

A visual novel (also known as a “manga game” or “dating-sim”) is a type of video game that focuses on storytelling through high quality visuals, sound and narrative. The player assumes the role of the protagonist in an interactive drama which usually has multiple storylines and endings.

How to Play Super Mario Bros 2

Super Mario Bros 2 is a visual novel game created by Winterkewl Games, featuring both classic and modern gameplay from the Super Mario Bros. series. The game includes both classic side-scrolling and world map levels, as well as added story missions that follow Princess Peach’s escapades with her new companion, Luigi.

Why Make a Visual Novel?

This question is harder to answer than you think. The easiest way to answer it would be to say that we want to create a game that is very different from the original one. That would be truthful and interesting information, but not really helpful when trying to decide if this type of game is for you or not.

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Who Are the Characters in the Game?

The male protagonist of Super Mario Bros. 2 is the “real” Mario, who has been living in a parallel universe since the events of Super Mario Bros. At first he can’t remember any details about his life, but once he remembers more and more things he decides to return to his original universe because he has responsibilities there and his brother needs help.

The Release of Super Mario Bros 2

The release of Super Mario Bros 2 was a huge step in the evolution of narrative video games. The game’s story is largely driven by player choices, and along with text that provides more details about the characters and plot, this game has brought a new form of storytelling to video games.

Making The Game

The game was made in Unity, and it was heavily inspired by visual novels, which is a genre of interactive fiction video games. The project started with a prototype that was followed by three months of development, after which the project was finished up and submitted to Steam.

Going Viral: Factors That Contributed to Super Mario Bros 2’s Success

The success of Super Mario Bros 2: A Visual Novel is attributable in part to the way it was discovered on YouTube. The video featuring the game quickly went viral with over 13 million views, bringing media attention and curiosity to the game. The tremendous amount of publicity generated by the video helped it surpass its Kickstarter goal of $9,000 in just two days. Even though many factors contributed to this game’s success, they all had a direct impact on its traction.

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the sewer, Bowser’s forces are back stronger than ever. The plan for revenge starts out with trying to end Mario and Luigi once and for all. But this time, they have a secret weapon: Mushroom Kingdom 2! A visual novel that crosses gaming, storytelling and art.

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