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Supreme Court bans firecrackers across the country to curb air pollution crisis

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The Supreme Court recently broadened its directive on the ban on firecrackers, extending it beyond the confines of Delhi-NCR to cover the entire country. This significant step aims to address the pressing concerns surrounding escalating pollution levels and the urgent need for stringent regulations to combat environmental deterioration.

Expansion of Firecracker Ban Nationwide:

The apex court’s observation came in response to a plea concerning the soaring pollution levels in Udaipur, the declining air quality index, and the absence of adequate regulations to monitor noise pollution. Acknowledging the severe air quality crisis, the court expanded the ban on the sale and usage of firecrackers, previously confined to Delhi-NCR, to encompass the entire nation.

Refusal to Lift the Ban:

Previously, the Supreme Court had declined to lift the ban on firecracker sales due to their contribution to the aggravating air pollution crisis. While upholding the ban, the court emphasized that curbing pollution is not solely the court’s responsibility, stating that it should be a collective obligation for everyone.

Stance on Pollution Control:

The top court reprimanded the Punjab government for the persistent issue of stubble burning, highlighting the need to transcend political battles and tackle the matter effectively. Instructing the Rajasthan and other state governments to adhere to its previous orders regarding firecrackers during festive seasons, the Supreme Court urged proactive measures to curtail air pollution. The Rajasthan government specifically received a directive to take essential measures to minimize air pollution, particularly during festivals, emphasizing that pollution management is a collective responsibility for all.

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