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Texas Arrests 70 Migrants for Border Rioting

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US: Texas law enforcement has taken action against 70 more migrants involved in a riot at the southern border in El Paso, Texas, where they reportedly assaulted National Guard troops.

The arrests come after nine migrants were charged on Wednesday for their role in the riot, during which knives and shanks were confiscated from some of the rioters. One migrant even attempted to seize a soldier’s firearm.

The detained migrants now face charges including inciting a riot, assault, and property damage exceeding $2,500.

However, Texas authorities are facing obstacles in charging over 200 migrants held by ICE, as the federal government is reportedly less cooperative than Border Patrol, according to an official quoted by the NY Post.

The incident underscores ongoing concerns about border security and the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in maintaining order and protecting personnel at the southern border.

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