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The Lotus Temple Delhi: A Magical And Serene Place To Visit


The Lotus Temple is a pivotal building in the world of architecture, as it’s said to be one of the best examples of Buddhist sacred architecture. Although it’s a powerful building, it doesn’t overwhelm you with its size or eccentricity; instead, the Lotus Temple feels like a place that welcomes visitors and encourages them to explore its features.

How to get to the Lotus Temple

The Lotus Temple is a Bahá’í House of Worship in New Delhi, India. It’s sometimes called the Bahá’í temple or the lotus of the east. The temple is open to all and welcomes visitors who want to meditate and pray. You can take public transportation to get there with buses that go from various places or you can take an Uber!

History of the temple

In 1981, the Indian architect, Charles Correa was commissioned to design a place of worship in Delhi. This was India’s first modern-style temple and it was built especially for people of all faiths. The building is made up of 216 slender columns that hold up a sloping roof composed of ponds and gardens. It has become very popular with visitors because it offers an opportunity to touch faith without being influenced by personal beliefs. Humayun’s Tomb – Delhi tourist places – Arhitecture, Location, Timing, Ticket price

Why visit the Lotus Temple?

The Lotus Temple is a place of peace and tranquility. It is a Buddhist site that was designed to allow visitors to reconnect with their spirituality and make them feel at ease. The temple stands for the unity of all religions in the world. The Lotus Temple was built by the Baha’I faith and it is open to those of all faiths. It is a place where people can go to meditate and relax. The building is beautiful and it has been said that it represents the unity of humanity, as well as the diversity of its many cultural and ethnic groups.

The temple does not discriminate against any race, religion or gender. It is a very special place that offers everyone an opportunity to see what lies within their hearts. Many people visit the temple on a regular basis. There is even a garden where children can play and relax. The Lotus Temple is definitely one of the most beautiful buildings in New Delhi, India.

What you will see at the temple

This house of worship was built by Bahá’ís and reflects the Bahá’í culture. There are 27 sides to it, representing the 27 letters of the Bahá’í alphabet. The roofs are in the form of petals and are made from steel-coated copper. A visit to this temple will be something you never forget! This is the Bahá’í House of Worship in Panama City, Panama. It has 27 sides, representing the 27 letters of the Baha’i alphabet. It also displays the beauty of this religion’s culture.

Temples In Delhi

The Lotus Temple is one of the many stunning temples in Delhi. As opposed to the many Hindu temples, this temple was built for the followers of Bahai International Faith. The design of the temple is nine petals made from marble and surrounded by gardens with fountains. The architecture is based on Iranian designs, but incorporates a lot of Indian influences as well.

Where to stay in Delhi

You could stay at the Amal Palace Hotel which is about 10 kilometers away from the temple. The hotel has many features that would have made it a perfect place for the Beatles to stay, including a rooftop pool and adjacent spa. There is also a luxurious spa and fitness center on site, along with bars, restaurants and event spaces.

We’ve mentioned before that the Beatles were interested in transcendental meditation and the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. One of their main influences on this interest was a man named George Harrison’s spiritual guru, Swami Vishnu-devananda. Some people suggest that if the band had met him earlier, it might have influenced them to stay longer and not to leave India until 1968. According to reports, George Harrison was so impressed by his guru that he bought his first Indian-style house after the visit and asked to be trained as a yoga teacher. This place is one of the largest residential properties in India, spread over 100 acres and with 14 bedrooms. The elegant and modern house was designed by a famous architect called Robert Boughenuis, who insisted on having a flat roof so that it could be used for yoga exercises.

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