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Tina Datta re-enters Bigg Boss house, Tina exposes Shalin Bhanot.

Bigg Boss: The elimination of actress Tina Datta caused big drama on Bigg Boss 16. Salman Khan asked Shalin to choose between the remaining prize money or saving his close friend Tina Datta as well as Sumbul Khan from eviction. Tina’s eviction from the show was caused by Shalin choosing the prize money.

A new promo has been released featuring Tina back in the game, and it looks like she really wasn’t eliminated in the first place. Now that Tina is back on the show and seeing Shalin’s double face, the actress makes a fierce entry and Shalin exposes Bhanot’s game. Tina told Shalin that if you can’t be with your friend then you can’t be with anyone. What are you faking Shalin Bhanot.

Shalin Bhanot confessed that he did not like Tina Datta too much and would not talk to her after going from the Bigg Boss house. Tina came back to the house later and gave a strong reaction to Shalin’s statement about her.

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After Tina’s re-entry, Shalin Bhanot was shocked and they got into an argument. Tina said to Shalin, “I can’t believe you.”

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