Top 5 Fun Facts About Tom and Jerry


In this blog article, we’ll discuss the top 5 facts about Tom and Jerry you need to know. This title is perfect for kids of all ages, with topics like how Tom became a pitchman for Tom & Jerry food, their first name (Tom), other names they have throughout history, what they think of each other.

Fact 1: Tom made his debut into the world in 1940

Tom originates from the 1940 animated short, “Puss Gets the Boot”. In that short Puss tries to get into a spot outside a door, but he is stopped by a feline. He gets angry and his antics end up with him getting sent away. So, do you think it’s possible to calculate when an adorable cat like Tom might have had his first time on our screens?

Fact 2: Jerry was born in 1940 too, so he and Tom have been friends for a long time!

Jerry, who was born in 1940, has been friends with Tom since 1946. Director Tex Avery enlisted them in 1952 and they became part of the MGM stable of film stars until 1964 when H.R. Pufnstuf heralded a decline in animation.

Fact 3: Toys of Tom and Jerry had to be approved by Charles Kellogg, the Executive Officer of the War Department

In 1916, Charles Kellogg of the US War department worked in collaboration with Charles Mintz and William Selig to conceive Tom and Jerry, two classic cartoon characters. Once Tom was created by Tom Palmer and Jerry created by Seymour simply as a mouse, they were given slight variations in order to create a uniquely distinguishing set of characters that many people love today.

Fact 4: Tom’s real name is Thomas and Jerry’s name is Jerry!

Tom and Jerry is a “Tom and Jerry” series of comedy/adventure cartoons created in 1940 by William M. Hanna and Joseph Barbera, developed by Michael Lah, Chuck Jones and Paul Fusco. The distinctive characters feature an anthropomorphic cat named Tom chasing after mouse Jerry with the intention of eating him.

Fact 5: Was Tom ever really an omelets?

The omelette theory is often mentioned in articles and makes the rounds on social media to suggest that Tom is an egg-based creature. However, this idea has no credible scientific evidence to back it up. Was Tom an Oroborus?. It’s a fantastic tale, isn’t it? But not one with any weight behind it


The first animated cartoon with a narrative was found in 1820, called “Pantomime.” The name comes from the Greek word “pantom=word and mimis=silent. Tom and Jerry are at the top of every board’s list for best childhood memories. They were made on May 27, 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera’s. Tom was created years earlier but was abandoned. Then they saw Tom in a newspaper and decided to reanimate him in a scene where he’s angrily chasing Jerry down which is what causes their “run” to start.

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