Top 8 YouTube Channels for Python Developers


Notwithstanding, these channels are highly recommended if you want to learn everything about Python, Top 8 YouTube Channels for Python Developers, it includes its frameworks, libraries, and more.

However, there are programs one should not use to create quality content. This includes no-name website generators that use templates just like WordPress and aforementioned Java or C++ coding websites. What is needed is a system that supports creating unique content with shortcuts to resources in the API.

Python, which was created in 1991 by Guido van Rossum and had no widespread use until the mid-2000s when Google adopted it as their official server-side language. Now, it has became one of the most popular programming languages due to its wide variety of uses such as artificial intelligence, web development, automation, etc.

Python is a programming language famous for its simple syntax. It makes it easy for you to write and understand code because the language mimics natural speech, making it easy to read and your code more readable. Python is also open-source, leading people to rate it highly for startups that want to be completely free with their software.

There are a lot of different YouTube channels that have good Python programming content. In no particular order, here are some of the top YouTube channels that every Python developer should watch.

Channel Link:
Subscribers: 139K

Dan Bader, an individual software engineer, author, and speaker, created the channel with the intention of teaching and training other Python enthusiasts, or “Pythonistas.” Despite his expertise in programming and Python, Dan wanted to share this information for the benefit of others that were like-minded in learning how to master Python.

With expert bloggers and instructors to guide you, the channel is a perfect place for beginners to improve their Python development. You can also get help with everything from code quality improvements and software promotion to career development and technical advice.

Channel Link:
Subscribers: 1.74M

Traversy Media has been a valuable channel during the web development craze, showing not-so-common insights and tutorials. With videos from James Nelson in 2009, the channel has become one to heavily rely upon for all things web development. However, what makes the show worth tuning into is that it hosts many genres of videos (including python) under one program.

There are a set of videos on the channel that have been appreciated by the viewers for Brad’s simplicity and teaching style. Not only that, he mostly creates full-featured crash courses covering a large selection of different programming languages and libraries. With this in mind, his channel also has a number of videos from Brad and other notable guest instructors – “Python Data Visualization With Bokeh”, “Build A Todo App”, “Python Django Crash Course” and “Build A Python Speech

Channel Link:
Subscribers: 1.09M

I mean, what can I say about Harrison Kinsley, who created this channel back in 2012? I think he is one of the few developers who create Python content for entry-level as well as experienced developers in Machine Learning, Data Analysis, Raspberry Pi, and even Robotics. He has a unique way of explaining topics, which I am sure every aspiring programmer would appreciate.

Channel Link:
Subscribers: 4.85M

When someone asks me about a platform where a programming course can be intentionally learned, I typically recommend Github, an online distributed revision control and collaboration software tool which is used to develop and host open-source projects as well as user-sourced projects. They also have a channel with great music by artists, including Kanye West. Definitely check it out!

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Since the channel is open-source, there are no advertisements and is easy to find a variety of teachers teaching for free. There is a recommendation for the channel that I have passed on in at least one article.

Channel Link:
Subscribers: 38.2K

One of the underrated channels on Python, TokyoEdTech, was created by an educator Christian Thompson. Thompson’s videos are beginner-friendly and cover topics like writing code for various applications for Python developers as well as the basics of digital coding systems such as Arduino. Because he has a teaching background, Christian knows how to explain digital coding systems and projects in a way that anyone can understand with comprehensible instruction.

The best way to learn is to develop applications and as the creator, who creates different 2-dimensional games using Python, has separate playlists for beginners and experienced programmers.

Channel Link:
Subscribers: 2.23M

YouTube keeps the Python channel absolutely comprehensive, but still keeps it fun. Mosh Hamedani created this channel in 2014 with the intentions of training professional software engineers that companies love to hire.

With Mosh’s unique method of teaching, any topic can be taught within an incredible range in just minutes. Combining game analysts and code examples that explain why a particular function exists and simplifying learning to the tiniest detail.

Channel Link:
Subscribers: 875K

With Python for Beginners Corey Schafer, a popular Python tutor at, teaches beginners the basics of Python along guided exercises in philosophy and develop their practical skills. All the information is taught through step-by-step instructions, with expert coverage on all topics such as installation to foundational syntax and assignments that slowly ease users into context-rich programming through theory to help them improve their understanding of this language and become better developers.

Channel Link:
Subscribers: 84.2K

It is the youngest channel on the list and my favorite channel. Patrick Loeber created this channel in 2019, and in almost 2 years, the channel has grown rapidly to more than 80K subscribers (as of this writing) and it is increasing every day, all thanks to his videos where he creates practical applications using Python that definitely appeal to more and more aspiring programmers.

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With a team of people who use the NLP tools and software, created by Patrick, he can generate an astounding amount of content for his YouTube channel and all his viewers to access. He makes it easy for viewers with his many different tutorials from Start to Master.

Closing Thoughts

Python is a programming language that is hugely used in the IT sector. It boasts a number of advantages, including its selection of functions and applications, which are too numerous to mention.

YouTube channels in this list are sorted alphabetically, with their subscriber count and how long they have been on the site listed.

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