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Trump’s Controversial Plan: “Assassination Squads” to Target Mexican Cartel Leaders

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Former President Donald Trump has stirred controversy with his proposal to deploy “Assassination Squads” into Mexico to target Cartel leaders. Trump reportedly expressed confidence in the US military’s capabilities, asserting they are tougher than Cartel operatives, irrespective of the Mexican government’s consent.

Drawing parallels to the military raid that eliminated ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in 2019, Trump aims to strike fear into Cartel kingpins. He envisions a targeted approach, akin to a “kill list,” to systematically dismantle drug lord networks.

Trump’s proposal has reignited debates over extrajudicial killings, international sovereignty, and US-Mexico relations. Critics argue it violates international law and risks escalating violence in the region. Moreover, bypassing Mexican authorities raises concerns about sovereignty and diplomatic fallout.

The proposal comes amid escalating Cartel violence, exemplified by the Sinaloa Cartel’s retaliation in 2023 following the arrest of El Chapo’s son. The footage serves as a grim reminder of the complexities and risks inherent in confronting Cartel power.

“While Trump’s hardline stance resonates with some supporters, others caution against unilateral military interventions and advocate for diplomatic solutions. The proposal underscores the challenges of combating transnational organized crime and the need for comprehensive strategies.”

As the debate unfolds, Trump’s plan raises fundamental questions about the ethics, legality, and efficacy of using military force against Cartel leaders. It remains to be seen how the proposal will be received domestically and internationally, and what implications it may have for future US policy in the region.

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