Types of Aluminum Doors


Building security doors are a necessity for businesses and homeowners. These extra-strong door can offer the protection their owners need, which is why they are a popular choice. In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits that come with installing a new aluminum door as well as answer some commonly asked questions about these multipurpose security defenses.

Double Door

A double door is an exterior door with two separate sets of hinges. It is a popular style because it can allow sweeping through the entire space and gives customers access to the entire store. Double doors are also often used in commercial settings; such as retail, hotels, and malls to ensure; that customers have entry options at every point on the perimeter of a store or larger building.

Single Door

Single door aluminum doors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The tall, narrow design is more commonly found on automatic garage doors. Double doors are used for fire; blast and suicide doors and will last for up to 240 minutes.

There are four general types of aluminum doors that every home should select:

Exterior and Interior Aluminum Doors

Many construction companies choose to use aluminum doors for the exterior and interior walls in their home or commercial building projects. Aluminum is corrosion resistant, while still being lightweight and light-transmitting. Most people are unfamiliar with the benefits of using aluminum in exterior building materials and a survey conducted by Nielsen Corporation found that less than one-fourth of homeowners were aware of the benefits associated with aluminum doors being used on homes.

Aluminum Versus Steel Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are used in most of the industrial buildings as well as examples of modern architecture. Steel is used on metallic industrial units with high temperature and atmospheric pressure. Aluminum doors, depending on the application, are quickly modified to accommodate to meet different requirements including weight, formability, thermal dispersals properties and many others.

Homeowners Fundamentals: What to Expect from Your Aluminum door

A good aluminum door makes desired adjustments to protect from temperature, humidity, and sound as much as possible. A properly-installed sealed door can make a tangible difference for noise reduction, heat retention, and energy efficiency in homes.

DIY Interior Enhancements With an Aluminum Door

Aluminum is one of the most unique metal materials. By utilizing this material in a home’s interior, you can offer individualized design and architectural composition. An important element of aluminum doors is their durability and aesthetic possibilities. Aluminum doors can prevent rot and most pests, so they are ideal for enhanced levels of security. They even provide insulation levels greater than wood doors.

Durability of Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors offer both durability and great style. They typically last twice as long as other models and are easy to maintain. Another advantage is that they require less energy, meaning they use less electricity. You should also choose an aluminum door if you want a greener option, which will reduce your carbon footprint.

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