Types of dry fruits

1. Almonds  

Because it has many health benefits, almonds are commonly consumed as dry fruit. Almonds are rich in vitamin E, essential oils, and antioxidants, which are beneficial for both adults and kids. It can be eaten raw or roasted. To get the best results, soak a few almonds overnight and eat them first thing in the morning for a healthy and fit body.

2. Walnuts  

Walnuts are a type of fruit that contains a single seed. They are hard and stone-like and are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and proteins. Its various benefits mean you can add them to your daily diet. Walnuts are a good source of fatty acids, which may help reduce fat in your body and keep your heart healthy.

3. Cashew 

The delicious taste and creamy texture of cashews make them very famous in India. In high amounts, it provides your body with vitamin E, vitamin B6, proteins, and magnesium.

4. Apricots  

Apricots will assist you feel to less hungry by providing you with essential nutrients like A, vitamin E, magnesium, and copper. it’s conjointly choked with antioxidants that facilitate the fight against internal infections.

5. Pistachio 

Pistachios can be a good option for people who have a habit of constantly eating. Pistachios can help to control your hunger by making you feel fuller for a longer period of time. It contains high levels of oleic acid and antioxidants, carotenes, vitamin E, copper, manganese, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium, zinc, and polyphenolic antioxidant. The benefits of this heart-shaped dry fruit’s anti-inflammatory properties are vast.

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6. Raisins 

Dried grapes that are raisins taste sweet and sour. Iron is a rich source of iron and is very beneficial to treat anemia. A daily handful of raisins can be excellent for your digestive system and help to treat acidity and constipation.

7. Dates  

Dates are tropical fruits that can be in both forms dry or wet. Dry dates are rich in dietary fibers that help you feel satiated for a long time, preventing cravings. Many people believe that eating this iron-rich fruit helps keep our bodies healthy.


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