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UK: “PM To Assert Staunch Commitment To European Security At UK-France Summit”

On the 10th of March, the PM of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, traveled to France to meet with President Emmanuel Macron to discuss issues of national security and trade. During the summit, May asserted the UK’s “staunch commitment to European security,” and highlighted the importance of cooperation with France in the face of common threats. Here are five key points from the meeting:

  1. Joint military exercises: May and Macron announced plans for a joint military exercise, named “Griffin Strike,” to take place in the coming months. The exercise will focus on improving coordination between the two countries armed forces and will involve the Royal Navy’s flagship, HMS Ocean.
  2. Anti-terrorism measures: The leaders discussed their countries’ efforts to combat terrorism and agreed to strengthen cooperation on intelligence-sharing and border security. They also pledged to work together to tackle the online radicalization of vulnerable individuals.
  3. Immigration: The Prime Minister and President discussed the issue of immigration and agreed to work together to reduce the number of illegal migrants attempting to cross the English Channel. They also discussed the situation in Calais, where many migrants have been living in squalid conditions.
  4. Trade: The leaders discussed the importance of maintaining strong economic ties between the UK and France after Brexit. May reiterate her commitment to achieving a “deep and special partnership” with the EU, which would include a comprehensive free trade agreement.
  5. Future cooperation: May and Macron reaffirmed their commitment to working closely together on a range of issues, including defense, security, and counter-terrorism. They also discussed the possibility of joint development projects in areas such as artificial intelligence and space exploration.
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Overall, the UK-France summit served as a reminder of the importance of continued cooperation between the two countries, particularly in the face of common threats such as terrorism and illegal immigration. Despite the challenges posed by Brexit, both leaders expressed their commitment to maintaining a strong partnership based on mutual interests and shared values.

Source: Gov[Dot]UK

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