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Video Goes Viral: Watch Rufus the Dog skimboarding on the water

Skimboarding, a water sport similar to surfing, involves riding a smaller, thinner board known as a skimboard along the shallow water’s edge, often at the beach. While it’s not a common sight, there are instances where dogs have been trained to participate in skimboarding or accompany their owners while they enjoy the sport.

One such remarkable video features a talented dog named Rufus, who skillfully rides a skimboard, showcasing his impressive abilities and agility on the water’s surface. This video shared on the Instagram account @minibullrufus, dedicated to the Bull Terrier breed, has garnered a significant number of views and captured the hearts of social media users.

The display of Rufus’s skimboarding skills has left viewers amazed and impressed, highlighting the incredible talents that some dogs possess. Comments from users on the video range from admiration to sheer astonishment.

One user expressed amazement, saying, “I’ve never seen a dog excel in activities like skimboarding, skateboarding, and surfing as Rufus does.”

Videos like these, along with other posts on Rufus’s dedicated page, demonstrate that with the right temperament and training, dogs can indeed learn to ride a skimboard alongside their owners.

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