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Viral Metro Dance Video: Confident Girl’s Moves Turn Heads Inside Delhi Metro

The Delhi Metro has transformed into a platform for intriguing and entertaining “Metro Reels.” Every day, social media is flooded with viral videos captured within the confines of metro coaches. These videos range from impromptu musical performances amidst the bustling crowd to passengers showcasing their dance moves. Recently, an intriguing video of a man and a young boy engaging in a push-up competition inside a metro coach also made rounds on the internet.

Viral Dance Performances:

One recent viral Instagram reel features a young woman dressed in traditional attire performing a dance reminiscent of singer Babita Chaudhary’s popular song, ‘Dil Dhadke Dard Kaleje Mein…’ within the ladies’ coach of the metro. What is remarkable is that none of the fellow female passengers inside the coach seemed to take offense at her performance. Some passengers remain busy with their phones, while others seem to enjoy the impromptu dance show.

This clip was posted on Instagram by the user @kannu__coffee_girl with the caption “Dehati Dance” (Village Dance). As of the latest report, the video has amassed over 1.2 million views and more than 48,000 likes. Additionally, it has sparked a plethora of comments from users, each sharing their views on the performance.

While some viewers praised the girl’s confidence and expressed appreciation for her dance, others took a humorous approach, suggesting that her confidence might be the reason other states are not launching their own Metro systems. The video has also generated discussions on the importance of self-confidence and living life to the fullest.

Anshu Harvansh
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