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Viral Video: To avoid studies, the child said – his breathing is getting stuck

During childhood, play often takes precedence over academics for many, leading some children to seek creative excuses to avoid studying. Occasionally, these youngsters may resort to emotional manipulation to sway their parents. A video of one such child’s antics has gone viral on social media, sparking a range of reactions from the public.

In the viral Instagram reel, a child can be seen sitting at a study table, visibly upset. While attempting to study, the child suddenly bursts into tears and claims to be experiencing breathing difficulties. In response, a woman, presumably the child’s mother, questions whether breathing troubles occur only during study time and not during play. To this, the child retorts that even while playing, breathing is not easy. The child’s emotional reaction further intensifies as the mother recalls a time when the child seemed to breathe comfortably while playing.

This video was shared on Instagram by user @its_me_tarun_shukla on September 20th. In the caption, the user humorously wrote, “A branded excuse…” As of the last reported news, the video has garnered 569,839 likes and over 13.4 million views, indicating its widespread popularity. Additionally, numerous users have expressed their thoughts and opinions in the comments section.

While some users resonated with the idea that the child might be using a study-related excuse to avoid academics, others believed that the child’s claim could be genuine. This debate has ignited a broader discussion about children’s study habits and the significance of recognizing their needs during academic endeavors.

Anshu Harvansh
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