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Viral Video: Woman Recreates SRK’s Iconic ‘Jawan’ Metro Dance Scene in ‘Beqaraar Karke hume….’

A video that has recently gone viral showcases a woman paying tribute to the iconic ‘bandage-wrapped’ look of Shah Rukh Khan from the movie ‘Jawan.’ What sets this tribute apart is that she chose an unusual location: the metro. Dressed in an outfit reminiscent of SRK’s attire in the scene, she recreates his hook step with perfection.

Viral Sensation

One of the most cherished moments in Bollywood is Shah Rukh Khan’s dance to the tune of ‘Beqaraar Krke hume yun na Jaiye’ inside a metro in the movie. Recently, a video has emerged on the internet where a woman pays homage to SRK by recreating his iconic ‘Jawan’ dance sequence within the confines of a metro. The video, shared by social media influencer Saheli Rudra, has taken the internet by storm, amassing millions of likes and views.

Captioned ‘Lady Jawan’

Saheli Rudra shared the video on her Instagram account, aptly captioning it as “Lady Jawan.” The clip, uploaded on September 16, has already garnered over nine lakh views and four lakh likes within a few days. Thousands of comments have flooded the post, lauding the woman’s confidence and dance skills.

A Metro Dance Sensation

This viral video demonstrates how a tribute to a beloved cinematic moment can capture the hearts of millions. The woman’s confidence, attention to detail, and dance prowess have earned her admiration from countless viewers. Her spirited recreation of SRK’s ‘Jawan’ scene in an unconventional location has certainly made her a sensation on social media.

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