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WATCH: Heartwarming Video of Elderly Couple Dancing Goes Viral on Instagram

Every day, various types of videos go viral on social media. These days, a viral video of an elderly couple dancing is making rounds on the social media site Instagram. People are thoroughly enjoying this dancing video of the elderly couple.

Heart-Touching Video Of Elderly Couple:

The viral video appears to be from a wedding ceremony, where guests are eagerly waiting for the bride and groom. During this time, a couple is seen dancing beautifully. In reality, this elderly couple is dancing with great style to a Hindi song. Everyone present is delighted to see them, and they are capturing their video.

This video of both of them is becoming widely popular on the internet. The video has been shared on Instagram with the username @thebridesofindia. So far, the video has received more than 85,000 likes, and it has been viewed more than a million times. Many people are reacting to the video as well.

Netizen’s Reaction:

Commenting on the video, one user wrote, “The dance of the grandparents is truly amazing, and even young people of the new generation won’t be able to dance like this easily.” Another user wrote, “Wow, they are setting the stage on fire!”

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