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Watch: Metro Train Passenger’s Surprising Push-Up Challenge Goes Viral

Every day, social media is flooded with videos related to the Delhi Metro. People can be seen singing, playing music, arguing, and even dancing inside the metro. They are willing to go to any extent to make their videos go viral. Recently, a video related to the metro was widely discussed, in which people started doing pushups inside the metro train.

A video was recently shared on the Instagram account

On the Instagram account @bboybharatragathi, two people can be seen taking up the push-up challenge inside the metro. Among them, one is a young man, and the other is middle-aged. It appears that they know each other well, suggesting that this act is purely for entertainment purposes. Regardless, people are enjoying the video, and the middle-aged man’s agility is leaving them amazed.

In the video, a young man begins doing push-ups inside the metro Train, where there isn’t much crowd. Passengers are observing his actions with interest. An older man standing beside him watches as well. The young man encourages the older man to join him in doing push-ups. Initially, the older man hesitates but eventually starts doing push-ups too. He performs them faster and more vigorously than the young man, surprising him.

This video has received more than 2.5 million views, and many people have commented on it. One person commented that the uncle (middle-aged man) is fitter than Rohit Sharma. Another praised the uncle for doing push-ups correctly. It’s often said that those who remain calm are the most powerful.

While such videos provide a dose of entertainment, they also raise questions about appropriate behavior in public spaces, especially inside crowded trains or metros. Regardless, this video has certainly caught the attention of viewers.

Anshu Harvansh
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