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Watch The Viral Video: The Girl’s Belly Dance in the Moving Train

Belly dancing is a dance form that can be deemed controversial in many places. These days, it’s not uncommon to see girls performing belly dance in movies and dance competitions. However, have you ever witnessed someone belly dancing inside a train? You may not have come across it, but there is currently a viral video featuring a girl belly dancing inside a Mumbai local train. While her dance is garnering some praise, it’s also drawing its fair share of criticism.

Recently, a video of a girl, belly dancing inside a Mumbai local train, was posted on the Instagram account @aliyamirja_dancer. The caption accompanying the video read, ” Kab tu Ayega, Itna Bata De last tak Dekhna”. Now belly dancing inside a Mumbai local train. It seems that Mumbai local trains have become a special platform to showcase talent.

In the viral video, a girl dressed in a Blue lehenga is performing a bold Pole belly dance inside a moving Mumbai local train. At times, the train gets quite close to the door, which can be quite nerve-wracking to watch. This video has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

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