What is Immigration Reform: It’s Time for Change


What is Immigration Reform: Immigration reform is a hot topic these days, and it has been for quite some time. Americans are getting fed up with the influx of immigrants in the United States, and have been voting against immigration reform accordingly. What is immigration reform? It is the act of changing laws regarding immigrants entering a country legally or illegally. This article reveals some reasons why immigration reform is needed and outlines key points to consider when discussing this issue.

  • Immigration reform is necessary
  • America needs more immigration reformers
  • America should get rid of the H1B work visa
  • America must legalize illegal immigrants

Immigration reform is necessary

Immigration reform is necessary in order to attract skilled workers and keep the American economy afloat. Immigrants provide a much-needed workforce and provide a significant boost to the economy. If we do not allow immigrants into the country, there will be a major dip in productivity as well as wages for American citizens.

America needs more immigration reformers

Immigration reform is considered to be one of the most important subjects in our country right now. Over the past few decades, we have seen a vast increase in immigration that has unbalanced our economy and taken away jobs from American citizens. The negative effects of immigration can be seen on both sides of the border; however, America needs more people who are willing to make a difference.

America should get rid of the H1B work visa

America needs to get rid of the H1B work visa as soon as possible. There are a lot of reasons why America should consider getting rid of the H1B work visa. The H1B work visa is an expensive program that is completely unnecessary. A better solution would be to find ways to incentivize American companies and encourage them to hire Americans first.

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America must legalize illegal immigrants

America has always been a land of immigrants. Immigrants such as the Irish and Italians contributed to America’s economic growth. Now, it is time for immigrants to be able to contribute back to America. People who emigrate illegally are currently burdened with a financial penalty that prevents them from being able to contribute back in any way. Legalizing illegal immigrants will bring more money into America and allow people who immigrate legally to become citizens which will strengthen America’s economy.


The five reasons given in this article are a great jumping point to start a dialogue on the issue. This is something that has been happening for decades and we need to recognize that change needs to happen now or people will not be safe, the economy will not grow, and our nation will continue to shrink.

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