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What is the rule of father in the family?


Fathers in nearly each studied culture have assumed 3 primary roles: the guardian, the supplier, and therefore the martinet. it’s necessary to notice that in several two-parent families these days, each mothers and fathers area unit fulfilling these 3 roles. Mothers defend their youngsters by husky them into automobile seats and buckling seatbelts, watching pc usage, and assessing the surroundings for different potential dangers. each mothers and fathers give for his or her families by operating outside the house. Today, mothers area unit a lot of possible to require on a martinet role with their youngsters than within the past. we tend to accustomed hear the phrase, “You wait till your father gets home.” we tend to area unit discussing the importance of the father’s role in a very child’s life, however it’s necessary to acknowledge that mothers interact in these roles moreover.


We’ve encouraged fathers to baby-proof or child-proof their home when the mother is expecting. What are the things that can be done to prepare the home for the child? One of the ways that men can protect their children from dangers inside the household is by doing household chores. Children can also be protected from external dangers. This is especially important in communities with high levels of violence, where there is a potential for the child to be exposed to gang activity or crime. In relation to their children, moms tend to see the rest of the world. Fathers see their children as a reflection of themselves in the world. Mom’s traditional emphasis is on protecting her child from getting hurt by forces from the outside world (e.g., bullies, strangers, mean dogs, accidents, disease). She never wants her child to experience this. Fathers have a paternal instinct that compels them to prevent bad things from happening to their children, but if such things cannot be avoided, they want to do what they can to prepare their child to cope with them. The dads often try to prepare the child to handle external dangers, such as dangerous strangers, mean dogs, lightning, bullies, falls, or accidents. The child needs both of these roles. Dad is preparing the child and mom is protecting the child. Fathers play a role of protector by observing the social environment and knowing the peers and friends of their children. Do we know what is in the home when our children go to another family’s home? Do they keep firearms in the home? Is the neighborhood safe? What can I do to protect my child from environments that could cause a threat to them? Fathers also help to ensure their child’s safety by shaping their environment. They can look at their surroundings and, in other words, encourage safe opportunities as well as remove hazards from the child’s path.


The meaning of being a man, husband, and father differs among cultures. One of the father’s primary roles in many cultures is that of a provider. The sentence should read:
“Real men bring home the bacon,” supporting their family, tending the fields or working in the factories, mines, and forests. Although the jobs may be dangerous, the provider has a responsibility to their family. Fathers still play an important role in providing for their families even though they are not the sole provider in many two-parent households today.


Fathers usually have high expectations once getting ready their kid for the longer term. they require their kid to achieve success in life and have high aspirations. Fathers got to be there to show their kid a way to handle their impulses, a way to keep calm underneath stress, and the way to contend with things wherever they do not endanger themselves or endanger others. several fathers within the dominant culture within the us are fulfilling the role of the authoritarian, however they need to try to to it during a safe and respectful manner. Boys that are raised in homes with violence tend to uphold that in their family, thus it cannot be during a violent manner. it’s necessary for the daddy to play the role of authoritarian as he uses his physical presence to show their kid a way to answer things consequently and fittingly.

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