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What makes a woman special?

Five Things that Make a Woman Special:

God’s most beautiful creation are women. They are created to make the world around them more beautiful and cheerful. They are an important part of making more than 7 billion population and are driving the change in the present to make the world a better place. Women have made their mark in areas of education, business, technology, medicine, space, wildlife etc.

We salute their endeavours and are grateful for their service. Women today have left the kitchen and are silently achieving success. In this male dominated patriarchal society, they have created the niche place for themselves. What makes a woman different from others are the wonderful things, traits or qualities that she has.

1. The epitome of grace and beauty

Women are the true embodiment of grace, beauty and charm. Numerous men, poets, warriors, and the ruling class have had fantasies about numerous women in the past and present. The history is adorned with the folklores of beauty of various women like Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Joan of Arc, Lady Godiva, Rani Samyukta, Rani Padmavati, Noorjahan and many more that truly describe the image of a beautiful woman. The present women who are making names as Miss Universe, Miss World and other coveted titles are making waves around the world with their enchanting beauty.

2. A combination of intelligence and beauty

Not only do women have good looks, but they also have an intelligent mind. Lady Gargi, Lopamudra, and other ancient, intelligent women are still making big names in various areas due to their impressive minds and wit. Girls are surging ahead of boys in terms of board exam results at the national and state level in India and abroad. You can read about Kalpana Chawla, Sunita Williams, Vijay Lakshmi Pandit, Mary Warnock, Margaret Atwood, and other people who symbolize true knowledge and wisdom, if you are still not satisfied.

3. Great communicators

Today’s women are not shy in speaking their minds and are known as wonderful communicators, negotiators and statesmen. Women’s impressive personalities and unmatched art of oratory give them the ability to make better deals and personal engagements with people. Their communication skills are much better than their male counterparts. Numerous companies around the world have enrolled more women in their hiring and recruitment process for this prime reason.

4. Leadership Qualities

You need to think again if you think that the women are not much suave when it comes to the matters of decision making and leadership. Admirable leadership qualities can be found in many women around in different positions. Admirable leadership qualities can be found in many women around in different positions.

5. Brilliant Financial Experts

The fact that women are brilliant in terms of handling financial matters is no longer hidden. Our mothers have always been efficient in managing and handling the expenses of the family. They are known to make the best deals with the smallest business persons, like fruits and vegetable vendors, cloth merchants, grocery store owners, and others in the fray. This wonderful quality makes women an excellent homemaker. On this International Women’s Day, let’s pledge to give adequate importance, respect, and recognition to all women. It is high time we acknowledged the existence and presence of women in our society – they are a part of our beautiful world.

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