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What makes you feel proud of your Mother

What makes you feel proud of your Mother : Mother’s Day is right around the corner! In this blog, we’ll be exploring the concept of what makes a son proud of his mother. From maternal strength to selflessness, read on to find out what qualities make a mother worthy of recognition and praise!

What makes you feel proud of your mother and why?

I feel proud of my mother because she raised me as a single mom and still managed to take care of me as well as herself. I admire her for all the work she has done to ensure we have a stable home and can enjoy our lives together.

What is it like loving someone who never loved themselves?

I had a hard time with my mom. She was a harshly critical woman, given to exaggeration and denigration. I am not ashamed to admit that I was more of a father to her than she was to me. My mother has always been ashamed of her obesity. She got to the point where she hated herself so much that she would talk about herself in third person, like “My daughter told me that I should lose weight.” I find it difficult to love someone who never loved themselves, but I know that she needs unconditional love too.

How does your mom make you feel amazing and on top of the world?

Your mother was with you through the toughest times, and now is always there to remind you of just how important you are. She does this by making you feel amazing and on top of the world.

What does it feel like to be able to spend time with you mom knowing that she will always be by your side for as long as she can?

This bullet point is about the feeling of pride and love towards one’s mother. It feels like nothing can ever take away what she has done for you, and it makes you feel as if you wish to do anything for her in return because she would do anything for you. You know that no matter how hard things get, she will be there with you to comfort you.

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Is there anything about your mom that makes you happy and proud of her?

I am proud of my mom because she is so strong. She has raised all four of her kids without any help from anyone else. She does everything for us, no matter how difficult. I think that’s amazing.


My mother has always been my hero. As an only child, my childhood was pretty lonely with no siblings to play with. My mother would make up games for me to play by myself, or she’d take me on long walks in the forest even though I didn’t love it at the time. One of my fondest memories is when she took me to a French restaurant and taught me how to read from a menu in French. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank her enough for all that she’s done for me.

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