What was the Biggest Disappointment of 2021


As the year 2021 kicks into gear, we look back at what was disappointing in that previous year. More and more predictions for this coming year, such as a rise of the red-chillah, falling vacancies for low-level scientists; and automatons getting to be Frankenstein come true.

Biggest Disappointment of 2021

Looking back on the year, what was the biggest disappointment in all of it?

15% down from the previous year
It was interesting to read the blog title and one of the bullet points that it was referring too. The Biggest Disappointment of 2021 just goes to show how with technology we move on past technical limitations. This is because as technologies are released we are always wanting more, more power, faster speed, cooler design etc.

President Obama promised that he would be the best ever for America; and he achieved this goal as he was to be credited. Dissatisfied with the way Trump ran things; many Americans who voted for him turned against him and his cry to “Drain The Swamp”

The film was shot for a hundred and fifty million dollars, with thousands of extras and advanced special effects. Critics believe this to be over budget but it is a heartening part of the 2020 Biggest Disappointment

Despite the fact that scientists have been studying time for centuries, nobody knows what will happen during the next year. The reason is that there are many hidden pitfalls that could cause timelines to spiral out of existence. That’s why it was a pretty big disappointment when Kennedy’s spaceman test flight was flying 10 minutes too long in January of 2021.

The Year 2021 was ended with a big surprise and gigantic disappointment. The global economic crash on January 1 of the year caused what the world did not even avoid during the end of 2019 – global starvation.

The Biggest Disappointment of 2021 was not a person or company; it was an event. The president said on TV that he would not be reelected in 2020, which so far seems to be true and the most difficult decision he’s ever had to make.

What is the Future of Sensors?

Even among the slew of news stories about the Internet of Things; shipping announcements from Apple, and next year’s launch from Tesla; there was a relatively low-key announcement in February that really shouldn’t be. Intel announced they’re putting sensors into all of their CPUs. What was Intel thinking?

What are the Developments in Science and Technology?

When looking back at some year in the future, one might think that they once made a big promise and didn’t live up to it. Some argue looking back is a mistake, but no one can change the past. Such was the case with President Barack Obama who had said (in 2009) that “one of our biggest strategic national security long-term goals is going to be building whose components are science and technology”

Many use social media as a way to connect with friends and get the latest news on what’s going on around their communities. But in 2021, everything seemed to change drastically for everyone. Everyone turned primarily to the internet for information to lead them out of tough times, but not soon enough. Many people’s digital privacy was invaded by hackers, which ultimately led to social media being a tool both helpful and harmful. Since then, many have gone back to more traditional forms of media such as television.

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