Why People Drink Alcohol


Alcohol is a depressant and an anxiolytic with sedative effects that can help reduce tension and symptoms of anxiety disorders. The physical, psychological, and social risks associated with alcohol consumption are well known. What might be less obvious is how alcohol can affect your brain. In this blog article, learn all about the chemical reactions that occur in your brain when you drink alcohol, what happens to the brain after you’ve been drinking for a while, and why certain people drink alcohol despite its negative effects


The idea of drunkenness is that the individual loses capacity for rational thought, judgment, self-control and willingly enters an altered state of being. People drink alcohol in search of a temporary escape from everyday stresses. They lose track of time, forgetting to perform regular tasks like feeding their children, or meeting with family and friends.

Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol is often consumed on an empty stomach because it has a depressant effect on the central nervous system. Since alcohol doesn’t taste good, people tend to drink much more than they would if their stomachs were full. Alcohol can also trigger compulsive and addictive behaviors later in life.

Political history of alcohol

Alcohol has been used for many different purposes. From religious rituals and celebrations to social gatherings, alcohol from the earliest civilizations has been an integral part of daily life. It is not surprising that the first written law in history was the prohibition of wine by King Hammurabi of Babylon in 1728 BC, or that alcohol prohibition is so closely tied to American history.


The effects of alcohol are positive, many believe that it can lower stress levels. On the other hand, alcohol can also increase stress levels. In fact, people who drink alcohol often feel that the benefits of the drink outweigh the drawbacks.

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