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Why we celebrate teachers day – Teachers day 2022

With the increasing amount of technology in our everyday lives, it's becoming harder and harder to remember what we did without it. In an effort to stay connected with the past, many countries have designated specific days as holidays dedicated to honoring people who have made their day-to-day lives easier or somehow made a difference. One such holiday is Teachers Day - coming up on the second Monday in June each year. For this article, let's explore some of the other holidays that celebrate people who make a difference, courtesy of History.com.


The first U.S. holiday dedicated to teachers was celebrated in 1877 by the state of Indiana. The next year, a teacher’s holiday was also decreed by the New York legislature, and other states soon followed suit. The U.S. Congress passed legislation establishing a national teacher’s day in 1923; however, it wasn’t until 1966 that the federal government officially recognized Teacher’s Day through Executive Order 11375 signed by President Lyndon Johnson.

What is a Teachers day?

In the United States, we celebrate teachers day on Sep 5. Teachers Day is meant to honor those who dedicate their lives to teaching and educating others. In the 2010′s, Teachers Day has become an unofficial day meant to promote gratitude for teachers and encourage students to show appreciation. How to become a teacher – Qualifications, Salary, examinations, Career

History of Teachers Day

In 1982, a teacher in New York created the first ever school-based charity drive in memory of all public school teachers who lost their lives in the line of duty. This teacher also created the idea of a day to be set aside for thankfulness for all teachers. In 2000, a group representing over 70 labor unions that represented teachers worked together with the United Federation of Teachers to create a day in honor of all teachers. In 2001, Congress officially recognized September 5 as Teachers Day. Also in 2001, the first National Teacher’s Day was celebrated on Wednesday, May 15. By 2001, the number of teachers who lost their lives in the line of duty had risen to 68. In 2002, a former teacher founded the Teacher’s Memorial Fund (TMF) as an organization dedicated to helping teachers learn from their experiences and others who are pursuing careers in education. TMF also provides support for other national organizations such as the National Association of Former Students of Bullying by Teachers (NAFSB), whose mission is to educate children and adults on issues related to bullying of students by teachers.

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In 2008, the first National Teacher’s Day was celebrated on Sept 5 to honor all public and private school teachers, high school and middle school teachers, college professors, and other professional educators who gave their lives in the line of duty on July 21, 2007.

Why we celebrate teachers day

On September 5th of 2022, I celebrate the day with my friends and family because it marks the day when my favorite teacher taught me how to write a letter. My teacher was Mrs. Doris who taught English in middle school. When she assigned me to stay after class and write a letter, her words inspired me. The day I received my first letter in the mail is one of my favorite days.

Why we celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day: September 5th of 2022 Mrs. Doris is the best teacher ever because she taught us how to be creative and use our talents. In the future, when I have children of my own, I will definitely tell them stories about Mrs. Doris so they will know how important it is to have a great teacher.

Who celebrates Teacher’s Day?

India celebrates Teacher’s Day on September 5th, every year. The day is set aside to honor all teachers who have dedicated their lives to impacting the lives of children and students in any way. The day honors all educators across the country and is a time for people to take a moment to thank their teachers for all the valuable lessons they’ve taught them throughout the years.

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