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Yogi Expresses Gratitude To Investors In UP Investment Mahakumbh UPGIS-2023.

On the 13th of February Yogi said, Heartfelt gratitude to all the respected investors and entrepreneurs of the country and the world for showing faith in Uttar Pradesh in ‘Nivesh Mahakumbh’ UPGIS-2023. He said New India’s new Uttar Pradesh” is determined to protect your interest according to its policies.

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, expresses his appreciation and gratitude to the investors and entrepreneurs who participated in the Nivesh Mahakumbh UPGIS-2023 event. He is thanking them for their faith in Uttar Pradesh and showing confidence in the state’s ability to provide a favorable environment for investment and business growth.

By saying “New India’s new Uttar Pradesh,” he is highlighting the state’s commitment to modernization and progress, and its desire to be seen as a key player in the development of the country. He is also indicating that the state is committed to protecting the interests of investors and entrepreneurs and will work to provide a supportive environment for business growth.

This statement reflects the importance that the state of Uttar Pradesh places on attracting investment and promoting entrepreneurship and its commitment to creating a business-friendly environment that supports the growth and development of its economy.

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