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Your Favorite Stars And What They Swore Upon To Stay Fit

Your favorite stars rule your hearts and it is not because of the characters they play on screen , but also the fitness, beauty and glory they carry with themselves. Well, it takes a certain amount of discipline, sacrifices of the bite-worthy delicacies and a strict routine to follow throughout the day to make them shine bright.

It is no myth that they have their own home built gyms, mini fortune worthy skincare routines and live-in chefs to help them appear better every time. The more interesting their lives seem, the less interesting lifestyle they live. Believe it, they have to work very hard to stay fit and gorgeous.

So here are the lifestyle facts about some of your favorite stars.

Julia Roberts – As Simple As Her

A name that is renowned for its simplicity and mind blowing acting skills. The Academy Award winner begins her day with a king size breakfast that includes eggs, fruit, coffee, avocado and sourdough toast. She prefers a lighter lunch followed by a healthy protein rich dinner like brown rice with salmon, avocado accompanied with a glass of wine. This Pretty Woman is fond of pasta and believes in practicing yoga.

Angelina Jolie – Practically Eats Nothing

The most stunning actress on this planet, who also works as a humanitarian and raises her voice for various human welfare programs, has a diet as extraordinary as her career. Though it seems that a few extra calories won’t affect her skinny figure but then too, the Maleficent actress doesn’t take more than 600 calories in a day. She prefers foods that are high in proteins like cereals, protein shakes and lean steaks. The Tomb Raider loves to snack on ancient grains like millets, chia seeds, quinoa and buckwheat. Her day begins with a spoonful of coconut oil.

Jennifer Aniston – Yoga Inspired Life

Her famous yoga shaped abs are kept taut by a healthy diet. Pasta is her guilty meal which she smartly tweaks it by using veggie strips instead of lasagna noodles. A basic salad with any form of protein is what she prefers for lunch. She loves stocking eggs, chicken and cut vegetables in her fridge for easy snacking

Margot Robbie – Stretching To Extreme

One of Hollywood’s versatile actresses keeps her diet and exercise routine that way too. She confesses that she gets wretched if she doesn’t eat. She is not much diet conscious and beers, fries and burgers are her favorites. When she has to shoot in a bikini, then only she goes under a three day carrot diet.

But that doesn’t mean that she takes her fitness regime casually. For staying in shape, she does a lot of workouts like skipping and doing 100 sit-ups a day. When she has to prepare for a role, she goes on a healthy diet that includes porridge, chicken, fish, smoothie and wine.

Scarlett Johannson – Baking Is Love

To be an energetic marvel superhero, you really need to step into a fitness regime. She is disciplined about her diet and sometimes tweaks that too according to the role offered. She underwent a strict fitness training and diet in preparation for ‘The Black Widow’. The Lucy fame actress is mostly vegan. She prefers tofu, lean proteins, oatmeal, salads and lots of fruits and vegetables. She stays away from unhealthy stuff and is a wonderful baker.

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