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10 Lesser-Known Facts About Shane Warne


10 lesser-known facts about Shane Warne. Shane Warne was born on December 18th, 1968 in Sydney, Australia. He is an Australian cricketer and a former captain of the Australian national cricket team.

10 Lesser-known facts about Shane Warne

Shane Warne has a net worth of $30 million. He was born in 1968 and is from New South Wales, Australia. He has been playing cricket for 24 years. He became well-known after his first two test matches in 1989 which he won. In the same year, he married Simone Callahan. In 1998, he was banned for taking a drug which is a performance-enhancing substance. He is one of the most successful and highest wicket-taking bowlers in the history of test cricket. After his retirement from international level, he has worked as a commentator for Fox Sports and played in different roles including businessman and ambassador to Australian broadcast network Channel Seven.

Shane Warne Age, Height & Weight 2019: –

Shane Warne’s Age: He is 45 years old and he was born on 12 June 1969 in Melbourne, Victoria.He is 6 ft 4 inches tall( 1,93 m) and he has a population of 98kg.
Shane Warne’s Weight: He is not much known about his body weight and it has been reported that he is around 69 kg. He has a slim body type with an athletic physique.
Shane Warne Real Name & Nickname: –His real name is Shane Michael Edward Warne and he was born on 12 June 1969 in Melbourne, Victoria. After his cricket career he changed his name to Shane Warne because of the controversy that surrounded his name in cricket. His nicknames are “Warnie” and “The Don”.
Shane Warne Cricket Career: –He is considered to be one of the greatest spinners and best captains in cricket history. He was known as a captain who had a lot of heart and spirit, which helped him win multiple world titles. His best captainship was during his spell in England from 1997 to 2000.

What did Shane Warne do in his career?

Shane Warne was a professional cricketer for 20 years, playing for the Australian national cricket team. He also played on teams like the Indian Premier League, which is a cricket league in India. Warne had an amazing career in cricket, winning many awards and making records. Some of these include world record of taking the most wickets in Test cricket, first bowler to take 300 test wickets, and first player to take over 100 test wicket hauls.

What is Shane Warne’s net worth?

Warne has a net worth of US$50 million. He was in the news recently because he required surgery to remove a tennis ball from his colon after it got stuck. Warne also has a record in the Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest bowling speed ever recorded.

Where did Shane Warne live during his playing days?

Shane Warne was an Australian cricketer and one of the most well-known sportspeople in the world. He is famous for his cricket skills, including his ability to bowl leg spinner balls with a variety of spins. Warne made his international debut for Australia in 1989 and since then has had a successful career. But where did he live during his playing days?

How many wickets did Shane Warne take in a match?

Shane Warne is a former Australian cricketer and one of the most dominant bowlers in world cricket. He holds many records, including most Test wickets and most international wickets. He was also a very controversial figure in his time, and some say that this contributed to his downfall as an athlete. Despite all of these aspects, there are still 10 lesser-known facts about Shane Warne.

Was Shane Warne ever out LBW?

Shane Warne is widely known as one of the most prolific and successful spin bowlers of all time. He has a career match tally of over 800. His first international cap came in 1989, although he did not play his first Test until 1994. After playing less than 10 Tests, he was chosen to captain Australia in 1996. Despite his success in cricket, it wasn’t until 2007 that Shane became a household name due to his personality on reality TV.

What does the word “Warney” mean?

In Australian cricket, the term “Warney” is used to refer to Shane Warne. The word Warney means “a small tub of cheese.” In Shane’s first ever Test match, he was dismissed for a duck by England’s Chris Broad. With one ball left in the innings, having already been given out caught behind, he whipped off his shirt and tossed it over the stumps. Despite bowling poorly throughout that day, Warney remained confident that he would succeed with his last delivery. His confidence paid off when he bowled a yorker that hit the wicket keeper’s gloves and then edged onto the stumps before going on to take out Broad and win the match for Australia by three wickets.

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