14 Famous Quotes About Birth That Will Make You Feel Great About The Immediate Future


When did you first realize that you were pregnant? For some women, the moment their baby was born into the world. For others, it’s a process that takes time and patience. But regardless of when you got the good news about your upcoming bundle of joy, there are always some great quotes to share with your loved ones right after birth!

14 Famous Quotes About Birth

  1. “You are not a mistake. You are not flawed. You are just perfect as you are.”
  2. “When life sends you flowers, make a bouquet.”
  3. “You’re here to grow in ways that no one else can.”
  4. “I hope that all the babies in the world come out happy and healthy, every single day.”
  5. “You are growing from an acorn, little one. You will always be growing.” -Spencer Johnson  
  6. “There is no such thing as a baby or a toddler — it’s one continuous span of life. It lasts your whole lifetime, and you don’t get to stop being a kid.” – Ann Landers
  7. “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” -Pablo Picasso
  8. “Today is a good day; today I am happy and tomorrow I will be happier.”  – Gustave Flaubert
  9. “Balancing your life on the baby’s needs is not always easy, but it can be magical.” – Maria Shriver
  10. “Freedom without responsibility is chaos, just as love without understanding can only breed resentment and hatred.” – C.S Lewis
  11. “A baby is a gift from God to us… She has no idea of time or space. When you hold her , you are holding all of creation. For the first time, a human being and everything he touches is yours.” – Ann Landers
  12. “A baby does not have to grow up to be adult. A baby only has to be alive.” – Sigmund Freud
  13. “The purpose of parenthood is to turn your wildest dreams into hard reality.” – John Lennon “
  14. I get bigger on good days, but I always remain the same size.”  – Unknown Author

There are a lot of famous quotes about birth that offer insight into the practice. Here are nine quotes that I feel will make you feel great about giving birth in the immediate future.

  1. You are not a mistake. You are not flawed. You are just perfect as you are. When life sends you flowers, make a bouquet. You’re here to grow in ways that no one else can. I hope that all the babies in the world come out happy and healthy, every single day.
  2. Your life changes around labor and birth. You will experience a level of intimacy, connection and beauty that you really have no concept of while you’re in your own body. I hope you feel safe and love the whole way through every moment of it.
  3. You’re doing this for yourself, not because someone else wants or needs you to do it; except maybe your baby. Motherhood is absolutely wonderful and life-changing, but being a mother doesn’t mean that you are always happy and fulfilled. It’s not a permanent state of being. There will be days when you are frustrated, sad, angry and even depressed. I hope that you can take those feelings out on your baby as long as you need to and block out all of the nasty people who want to tell you how “overrated” birth is or how there is no bonding possible with your baby because it’s so early in her life. If this happens, please do not feel guilty about feeling like that and don ‘t let your own feelings about being a mother affect the way you live your life or the way you interact with your baby.  Doing the best that you can will make the experience more magical and enrich your parenting experience.

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