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3 Fun Travel Challenges to Experience the USA in a Unique Way

Whether you’re in a state of transition, considering a new career path, or just curious about your next vacation destination, these three fun travel challenges are sure to be the perfect way to take a “time out” and immerse yourself in the culture.

Challenge 1: Try a race or road trip

Now that the weather is getting better, you may be considering a road trip to try out one of the races in your area. If you’re looking for a race, consider a mud run or obstacle course. A race will get your heart rate up and break away from routine while an obstacle course is perfect for anyone who needs to build agility.

Challenge 2: Try an extreme sport

The most obvious option is to try something like skydiving or base jumping. These are both sports that require patience and skill but they’re also incredibly fun experiences.

Challenge 3: Go on a tour!

Another fun way to see America is by taking one of the many tours that go through different states. Some popular tours include wine

Challenge 2: Visit a remote, off-the-beaten path location

Challenge 2 might sound boring, but it actually offers a great chance to experience a location in a unique way. The more unique the location is, the better your travel will be. Unique locations are not just limited to the US – there are plenty of other countries with places that can provide you with a refreshing adventure.

There are many ways to find these off-the-beaten path locations: ask for recommendations from friends and acquaintances, use social media sites like Instagram or Facebook, and do some research on Google Maps.

Challenge 3: Give back to your community

One of the best ways to give back to your community is through volunteering. You don’t have to be an expert in any field, just willing and able to help out! The Purple Heart Foundation offers opportunities for people all over the world to volunteer their time and services.

They offer a variety of projects so you can choose what interests you. One example is working with children at a local school through their “Learn By Giving” initiative. Challenge 3 is to give back to your community. You can volunteer in a local shelter, help out with a medical supply drive, or donate your time and skills to an organization that will have a lasting impact.

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