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My Travel Experience in Goa


I recently spent a week in Goa with my friends and I had a really great time! Our trip was so much fun that we decided that we’d come back every year. It’s an amazing place with such beautiful natural scenery.

My Travel Experience in Goa

Goa is a small city on the western coast of India. I went to Goa for just three days but it was enough to learn about its stunning beauty, the relaxing atmosphere, and the multitude of interesting things to see and do. The Goan people are very hospitable, even going out of their way to help you feel at home.

How I Arrived in Goa

I arrived in Mumbai, India on a layover. I was exhausted from my long flight and barely had any money left. I needed to find a place to stay, but I also wanted to spend more time exploring the city before heading out for my next destination. After walking for about an hour through the crowded streets of Mumbai, I found myself at a beachside shack with three other travelers outside. They offered me their room and told me that they would be gone by 7am in the morning.

What to do on Day 1

After meeting your driver and getting to know them a little bit more, the first thing you should do is visit the market. Goa is one of those places where you can find anything at all. The market is full of people so it’s best if you walk around and enjoy the chaos as much as possible. After you have some dinner, I would recommend visiting a Portuguese church or any other religious landmark in town.

What to do on Day 2

The next day, I went to the beach. The locals said it was a good idea to go during low tide, so that’s what I did. It was really cool. The water is literally up to my waist and the sand was white. When I looked around, there were only a few people swimming in the ocean, and they were all locals who looked like they’ve been doing this their whole lives. You should have breakfast at the beach and then you can head to the Goa Market for some shopping. If you’re interested in going snorkeling, book one of the 2-hour trips that depart between 10:00am and 3:00pm. If you want to find some more peace, head out to Anjuna Beach and relax on one of the laid back lounges.

What to do on Day 3

There are many things to do on this day. The most popular thing is to discover the beaches which are amazing! The beaches are cleaner and safer than those in other parts of India. There’s also a lot of nature, they’re great for people who love exploring. One may also go to Goa’s most famous Shri Shantadurga Temple, which has been visited by many celebrities as well as spiritual figures like Gandhi and Mother Theresa

When to Leave Goa

The best time of day to leave Goa is around 8pm, which is when all the tourist attractions close up for the day. Some people choose to visit the village of Casuarina earlier in the day, but it can get quite busier from noon onwards. If you plan on staying in Goa for an extended amount of time (like a week or more), it would be wise to book your travel back home before you arrive at your hotel.

Things That Went Wrong

My trip to Goa was great. I had a lot of fun and got to spend time with my friends, but there were some things that went wrong. My flight back home was delayed for over an hour due to bad weather. The airline said that the airport authorities grounded flights because of the storm.

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