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Aditya Gorakhuriya’s Inspiring Journey: Small-Town Star’s Daily Earnings Inspire Content Creators!

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Aditya Gorakhuriya, a 25-year-old hailing from Mirzapur Bazaar in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, has achieved local ‘superstar’ status through his engaging videos on the Josh app. Unlike typical social media or YouTube influencers, Aditya stands out as the platform consistently pays him for his scripted, shot, and featured content with friends. While his journey in entertaining people began with (now TikTok), Aditya’s life took a turn when he discovered the Josh App.

Despite initial challenges in entering the Bhojpuri music industry, Aditya’s recent viral content on the Josh App has garnered widespread popularity. He attributes his success to the “Made in Bharat” Josh App, praising its support for creators during tough times and its role in fostering growth through community engagement and diverse content ideas.

The Creator Pro program, which has enabled over 15,000 creators to earn money for their engaging videos, has proven particularly beneficial for creators from smaller cities like Aditya. The program doesn’t require creators to have a large follower base, allowing anyone to earn from their very first video.

Aditya’s acting skills, on-screen chemistry with his partner, and dance moves to Bhojpuri tunes have endeared him to viewers. Regular collaborations with co-actor Radhika and supportive friends contribute to the appeal of his couple, trio, and group skit videos on Josh, earning him immense love from fans. Motivated by industrious individuals reaching new heights in their careers, Aditya openly expresses his admiration for fellow creators.

His relatable content, capturing the experiences of youth in a small town, resonates well with Josh’s audience. In contrast to creators on international platforms, many of whom hail from top-tier cities, Josh is gaining popularity among creators from smaller towns. With 250 million monthly active users, at least 40% are from non-metro cities in India. Notably, after Hindi and English, Bhojpuri is one of the platform’s popular languages, providing a natural audience for Aditya’s content.

“I draw inspiration for my skits from the lifestyle of my local Bihar Bhojpuri audience and community. It’s incredibly inspiring to see people engaged in simple work, enjoying every song and content, and attempting new things with these local ideas,” explains Aditya. He earns through engaging videos on Josh, thanks to its Creator Pro program. Unlike platforms that typically favor creators with high follower counts or top-tier content, Creator Pro compensates Aditya, even with 3 million followers, and supports newcomers. This inclusive approach allows creators from non-metro areas to earn from their first video, catering to those casually beginning their content journey.

“Creator Pro has not only helped me make a living but also invested in gadgets that enhance my content quality. All of this, coming for a creator from a small village, is a blessing,” quotes Aditya. Grateful for his success and the fame he has garnered through Josh, the young creator now aspires to become an influencer within the Bhojpuri community, aiming to add value to society and inspire other creators.

Here’s Aditya’s entertaining account

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