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Chhoti Diwali Puja in 2022: Rituals, Dos and Don’ts

The season of festivities is upon us. The festival of lights, Diwali, is around the corner and people are eagerly awaiting its arrival. Chhoti Diwali is celebrated with grandeur and pomp across the country every year. People start prepping for the festive season of Diwali in advance by cleaning their homes and decorating every corner of it with lights, colours and lanterns.

They also do Diwali shopping for their family and friends. Diwali brings prosperity and happiness. This year, Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, will be celebrated on October 24. Other parts of the Diwali festivities include Lakshmi Puja, Choti Diwali Puja, Dhanteras Puja, and Govatra Dwadashi.

Puja vidhi:-

It is believed that on this day demon Narakasura was slayed by Goddess Kali, and it is celebrated in several names such as Narak Chaudas, Roop Chaudas, Naraka Nivaran Chaturdashi and Bhoot Chaturdashi. Chaturdashi Tithi will begin at 06:03 PM on October 23 this year and will end at 05:27 PM on October 24.


On this day, Lord Krishna, along with Maa Kali, Yama and Hanuman are worshipped. It is believed that worshipping them will help in cleaning the sins and becoming better beings.

The following items are offered to the gods and goddesses: samagri, oil, flowers, sandalwood, coconut, prasad of sesame seed, jaggery, rice flakes, ghee, and sugar. The importance of Abhyang Snan on this day is believed to be that it can help people avoid Narak Darshan. After a bath, devotees worship Yamaraj, God of Death, by chanting mantras and putting black sesame seeds in water.

Dos and Don’ts on Chhoti Diwal:-

A lamp should be kept burning in the southeast corner of the house during the Diwali festival. The house must be cleaned and well-lit. The lamp should be kept lit throughout the festival of lights Diwali. Gold and silver are said to bring good luck and prosperity, and can be purchased during this festival.

During the festival, avoid practices such as lending or borrowing money, consuming non-vegetarian dishes or alcohol. Items such as leather goods, sharp edged items, and crackers should be avoided as gifts.

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