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Chiranjeevi film GodFather with Salman Khan’s cameo rakes in Rs 69 cr worldwide in two days

Salman Khan’s brief but powerful appearance in GodFather seems to be paying off, with the film doing reasonably well in box office collections and receiving positive reports from almost everywhere.

Superstar Chiranjeevi’s lead in Director Mohan Raja’s ‘GodFather’ has grossed an impressive Rs 69 crore worldwide in two days. The lavishly-made political action thriller dominated the box office on day two as well, according to sources in the industry.

The movie is expected to record high numbers during the extended weekend. Positive reports are coming in from almost everywhere for the film which has Salman Khan appearing in a brief but powerful role.

“GodFather,” which collected a worldwide gross of Rs 38 crore on its opening day, has raked in an additional Rs 31 crore on its second day. After two days, the total amount it has grossed worldwide stands at Rs 69 crore.
The makers believe that the numbers will continue to be massive even during the weekend because the Dussehra holidays are still on.

The story of the film is quite gripping as it revolves around the power struggle in a political party soon after the death of the state’s Chief Minister. Although the Chief Minister’s daughter (Nayanthara) is not interested, his son-in-law (Satya Dev) and a few others in the party are actively pursuing a power grab.

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The trusted man of the fallen stalwart, Brahma (Chiranjeevi), is drawn into murky affairs and is keen to keep greedy sharks at bay. Nirav Shah is the cinematographer and Thaman is the composer for the film.

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