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CM Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu Pays Tribute to Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, in a solemn gesture, paid tribute to the visionary Raja Ram Mohan Roy on the anniversary of his passing. Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the founding figure of Brahmo Samaj and a fervent social reformer left an indelible mark on Indian society by vigorously opposing regressive practices such as Sati and child marriage.

Championing Social Change

Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s life and work were marked by an unyielding commitment to social reform and enlightenment. In an era when orthodox traditions held sway, he emerged as a champion of progressive change. His relentless efforts in advocating for the rights and dignity of women were instrumental in the eventual abolition of the abhorrent practice of Sati.

Voice Against Injustice

Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s legacy was built upon his unwavering voice against social injustices. He fearlessly questioned prevailing norms, particularly child marriage, recognizing the harm it inflicted upon young brides. His advocacy laid the groundwork for legal reforms aimed at curbing this harmful practice.

Legacy of Enlightenment

As Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu pays homage to Raja Ram Mohan Roy, it is a reminder of the enduring legacy of enlightenment and reform that he bequeathed to India. Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s tireless pursuit of justice, rationality, and progress continues to inspire generations to work toward a more just, equal, and enlightened society.

On this day of remembrance, Raja Ram Mohan Roy’s life and work serve as a beacon, guiding us to challenge societal norms that perpetuate harm and injustice. His legacy remains a testament to the transformative power of courage and conviction in the pursuit of a more equitable and enlightened society.

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