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COVID-19 is happy to have an END as we enter 2022.

Last updated on September 17th, 2023 at 04:39 pm

2021 is finally upon us, and we all have a few choices to make regarding what we do with the time remaining. #covid19 learned from some Twitter poll opinions that once these 2019 resolutions have been made and completed; there are only two ways to go:

It’s time for work recap and the monthly wrap-up, and we are excited; to share a job for any copywriter looking for the start of what is sure to be a busy year. If you’re interested in some creative advice on finding your true voice in 2020; this job posting from Covid19 might interest you.

For the majority of people and entities in the digital world, 2019 is not a new year, it’s the END. The word END is undeniably a bit bleak and sinister; but it gets invoked a lot these days to spell out an initiation or finishing point.

When is the end, really?

This past year in particular has felt like the natural world reached a point of exhaustion. As many of us venture toward 2021; it can be hard to remember there’s any end coming despite the litany of climate change predictions we’re hearing. I’m personally exploring the creative possibilities for how some of the otherworldly ideas on; that topic could turn out to be increasing what comes next rather than looking back with sadness or foreboding.

Recap of 2019

This has been a year filled with ups and downs, joy and sorrow. We experienced new partnerships, the death of an old colleague and a history-changing decision. The battles of 2018 were won while the ones of 2019 are still to come. This post best 2sums up these bittersweet moments!

2020 has been a really productive year here at Covid19. We have given away over 1,500 pieces of content and we’ve brought in nearly 90,000 followers from all around the world! In 2019, we did the following:

What was Covid19 like in 2018?

Covid19 had a heck of a 2018 with our first STORAGE campaign in November. The campaign provided tips on how to make sense of your event storage; including two FREE shipments that included custom cut lengths of chain, spreaders and bottle openers! We expanded our starting inventory this year and make more items like sunglasses cases now too.

Covid19 has seen amazing success in 2018 not only in sales but also Instagram followers, all while still being on the lookout for affordable lifestyle trends, affordable heritage brands and anyone out there to explore all the unique stores Covid19 has been teeming with all year!

Epilogue: What can we expect from May 2021 and beyond?

Throughout 2021, Covid19 plans to focus on the quality of our existing content. New content will also be periodically released and carry a higher price point. As it stands now, the minimum price for a Covid19 book is $89 USD and the average price is about $6,000 USD for an annually released book in addition to lifetime upgrades!

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