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Expectoration Andhra Pradesh’s Upcoming State Budget 2023-2024

The government aims to maintain fiscal control while introducing new schemes and allocating higher funds to transform the state’s infrastructure. This article discusses the government’s plans, previous budget allocations, and its expected impact on the state’s social and economic development.

  1. The Andhra Pradesh Government will prioritize allocations on welfare schemes and infrastructure in the upcoming State budget for the financial year 2023-24.
  2. The welfare schemes implemented under the `Navaratnas’ since 2019 were effective in ensuring social and economic development, especially for the disadvantaged sections.
  3. The YSRCP Government has gained goodwill from these welfare schemes.
  4. Higher allocations and introduction of new schemes may be included in the upcoming budget, while maintaining fiscal control.
  5. This will be the last full budget before the assembly polls in May 2024.
  6. The government is likely to focus on augmenting physical infrastructure in the state to attract investments.
  7. In the current financial year, the State Finance Minister controlled overall expenditure, resulting in a modest increase in the size of the budget.
  8. The finance minister is expected to allocate more funds for transformational changes in the next budget.
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