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LPG Cylinder Prices Surge: Commercial Gas Becomes Pricier, Impacting Consumers and Businesses

As the dust settles on the recently concluded assembly elections in five states across the country, a different kind of ripple effect is taking place, impacting the pockets of commercial gas users. The prices of LPG cylinders, specifically the 19 kg commercial gas cylinders, have witnessed an upward revision, leading to increased expenses for businesses and consumers alike.

Commercial Gas Price Hike: An Overview

Effective from December 1, 2023, the price of a 19 kg commercial gas cylinder in the capital city of Delhi has escalated by Rs 21 per cylinder. This translates to a new cost of Rs 1796.50 per cylinder, compared to the previous month’s rate of Rs 1775.50. The surge in prices has financial implications for various sectors, particularly those reliant on commercial gas for their operations.

No Impact on Domestic LPG Cylinder Prices

It’s crucial to note that while commercial gas prices have experienced an uptick, there has been no tampering with the prices of subsidized 14.2 kg domestic LPG cylinders. Consumers relying on domestic LPG for their household needs have not witnessed any change or relief in the rates of their gas cylinders.

City-wise Breakdown of New Commercial Gas Prices:

  • Delhi: Rs 1796.50
  • Kolkata: Rs 1908.00
  • Mumbai: Rs 1749.00
  • Chennai: Rs 1968.50

Commercial Gas Price Movements in Recent Months:

The recent increase in commercial gas prices follows a trend that began last month. On November 1, the price of the 19 kg commercial gas cylinder surged by over Rs 100. Celebrated on the same day, Karva Chauth brought an unexpected shock to consumers as the prices rose from Rs 1731.50 on October 1 to Rs 1833 on November 1. Subsequently, on November 16, a price reduction brought relief, lowering the cost to Rs 1775.50.

Impact on Businesses and Consumers:

The consequence of the rising cost of commercial gas is anticipated to be most visible in the food industry and the restaurant business. As commercial gas becomes pricier, the cost of eating out is likely to increase for the general public, impacting their outing budgets. The restaurateurs and businesses dependent on commercial gas face the challenge of managing their operational costs amidst these fluctuations.

The trajectory of LPG cylinder prices continues to be closely watched as businesses and consumers assess the impact on their daily lives and operations. The balancing act between economic dynamics and consumer affordability remains a critical aspect, especially in industries directly affected by energy price fluctuations.

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