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Facts about the number 0


It’s going to be hard to keep count of everything you have if 0 is your favorite number. This article will give you some facts about 0.

What is 0?

The number 0 is the base of natural logarithms. Facts about the number 0, It’s defined as the positive value that equals 1 over the base 10 logarithm of any real number, such as 2 or 3. Zero is considered to be a real number and all other real numbers can be expressed in terms of it.

The Number 0 in Different Languages

The number 0 is represented in many different ways. In Arabic it is the word “zilch”, which means nothing. The Indian word for zero is entry, and it is also known as shiksha after a Sanskrit word that means anything that ends.

The number 0 has no overall meaning, but in mathematics it represents the balance between any two numbers.

Negative Numbers

The number zero is special among numbers. It has to be one of the only two numbers (0 and 1) that have no other number following it.

The number zero is used as a placeholder in calculations, which means it can’t ever contain any information on its own – beyond being an empty space in a calculation or position in a list.

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Square Roots and Cube Roots

0 is the number that never ends and can’t be divided, which makes it impossible to find its square root or cube root.


This blogpost teamed up with another blog to give you a variety of interesting facts about the number 0. The blog post also includes a few fun facts that are off topic but still informative.

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