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Heavy Rain in Tamil Nadu: Educational Institutions Declare Holidays Amidst Weather Warnings

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As torrents of rain lash various parts of Tamil Nadu, authorities in Cuddalore, Mayiladuthurai, and Villupuram districts have taken precautionary measures by declaring school holidays. In a synchronized response, Puducherry has also announced a rain holiday for schools and colleges today. This collective decision arises from the meteorological department’s forecast of heavy to very heavy rainfall expected in Chengalpattu, Kancheepuram, Villupuram, Cuddalore districts, and Puducherry on 14 November.

The inclement weather conditions are attributed to the formation of a low-pressure area in the southeast Bay of Bengal, triggered by an upper air cyclonic circulation, as reported by the Meteorological Department. As a result, concerns about safety have heightened, with the department issuing warnings of squally weather featuring wind speeds of up to 55 kmph.

The crucial role played by the North East Monsoon in fulfilling Tamil Nadu’s requirements for drinking water and irrigation amplifies the sense of immediacy in addressing the current scenario. Until last week, the state had encountered a rainfall deficit, receiving 17% less than the normal average. The collective closure of educational institutions reflects a proactive approach to safeguarding residents in the face of potential heavy rain-induced challenges.

As the atmospheric conditions evolve, both residents and authorities maintain heightened vigilance, skillfully maneuvering through the nuances of weather predictions to address potential hazards linked to the ongoing and intense rainfall.

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