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How to Become Financially Independent

It’s all about the personal finance. At some point in a person’s life, they are going to want to take care of themselves and their families without depending on anybody but themselves. In order to do this, people need to learn and master personal finance basics. In this article here, we talk about what someone needs to know in order for them; how to become financially independent as quickly as possible.

What is Financial Independence?

Financial Independence is when a person’s income covers all of their expenses, with the exception of saving for retirement. Financial Independence requires an average annual savings rate that is four times your annual living expenses. The time frame in which one becomes financially independent varies, but it typically takes decades.

The Two Paths to Financial Independence: Early vs Late

If you’re looking to become financially independent, you should consider whether you want to do so early or late in life. Early financial independence is achieved by following a richer lifestyle and spending less money than what you earn. This is typically done by living off of passive income such as dividend income and early retirements. Late financial independence is achieved by foregoing the rich lifestyle, investing regularly, and living off of your portfolio.

How to figure out where you are on the spectrum

There are three categories of wealth. First is the middle class, which comprises those who have enough money to be self-sustaining but not to save or invest for the future. Second is the upper middle class, who can afford to save and invest in order to build their net worth. Third is high income earners, those with a high salary who can build their wealth further by investing it in assets.

Which path is for me?

If you are currently struggling with debt, it’s important to be very careful about how much money you invest in assets. It’s wise to avoid assets that won’t generate a return on investment and have the potential to lose value. For example, when investing in stocks, avoid companies that are going through hard times or have suffered large losses. If you want to become financially independent over time, try your best not to make big purchases like cars or houses unless you plan on living in them for many years and still paying off the mortgage or car loan.

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Automate Your Savings and Invest

There are many ways to automate your savings and investments. Ranging from getting a savings account online, getting a robo-advisor, or investing in certain stocks. These are all great ways to start saving and investing today!

Credibility through Peer Recommendations

It’s important for any new business owner to build credibility and trust. That’s why it’s important to connect with other people in your field, especially those who are successful. The best way to gain that level of trust is through peer recommendations. Once you have a few good referrals, it will be easy for others to trust you, and that will lead to more clients and opportunities.

Make a plan for financial independence

The first step is to fill out a workbook and create your budget. This is crucial because it will help you plan ahead for the future. You will also want to create a savings account and start building your emergency fund. The next step is to find a way to earn an income on the side, whether through blogging or selling items online. Next, you can start your business! Start with house sitter services or some other service that requires little upfront investment while still providing opportunity for growth.

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