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What will the world be like in 3000?

If humanity survives the climate crisis, then as time progresses and technology advances, individuals can use additional and additional energy as an entire. this may principally be done by changing daylight into electricity, additionally to harnessing energy from wind and water. once humanity becomes a sort one civilization within the twenty second century, the energy consumption of individuals worldwide are going to be at concerning 4×10¹² watts. the general energy consumption of everybody within the thirtieth century are going to be at grade of around 4×10²⁶ watts once humanity becomes a sort 2 civilization. this suggests that world energy usage are going to be like the quantity of sunshine our sun emits. The output of the Sun can got to be utterly controlled by individuals within the year 3000 through the utilization of a colossal array of satellite megastructures that encircle the natural object and capture the radiation it emits. all are describing a large success which will inevitably need the international construction of alternative energy satellites and area habitats orbiting the Sun in an exceedingly} very dense formation.

The UNPA will govern everything in the 30th century through a global unification into a single transnational republic. The United Nations Parliamentary Assembly will finally give popularly elected representatives a formal role in global affairs, in line with that bold new political move toward solidarity. The UNPA will directly represent citizens as opposed to the special interests of national governments, serving as an additional body to the UN. The new global government will be able to better accommodate the planetary ecology and international economy of people near and far by following this forward-thinking course of action. A millennium from now, there will be Assembly outpost colonies on the surface of Mars and in the clouds of Venus. A huge fleet of spaceplanes for passengers and cargo, as well as the construction of rotating orbital skyhooks around several different planets and moons, will be required.

Because everyone will live in super-consolidated megacities, by then 11 billion people will all have access to basic utilities like electricity and the internet. In the future, everything that can be automated will be automated in smart cities. If we build enough vertical farms, we can use a scientifically engineered vegan diet to feed everyone on Earth and other planets. As a whole, in the 30th century, meat substitutes will taste even better than the real thing and be far more nutritious. In this way, each and every soybean will be grown to peak perfection. A thousand years from now, even the alcohol industry will be totally revolutionized. In the year 3000, the micro cuvée trend will be brought to its logical extreme in vertical vineyards. Winemakers will be able to use tiny sensors attached to each grape to prescribe specific treatments that can be administered by microrobots to allow every grape to reach its quality pinnacle. After the robots remove the grape, they will crush it into a tiny tank. Then, they will monitor the fermentation process before blending it with other grapes. This will allow for a person-specific product.

In the smart hospitals of the thirteenth century, every nurse and doctor will be assisted by powerful diagnostic algorithms and finely-tuned surgical robots. AI will become very prominent in the healthcare industry in the future. One of the smart clothes of the future will be human and the other an android, both of which will have microsensors to monitor vital signs and be able to alert the paramedics in the event of an difficulty. Most people will experience an increase in both average height and longevity. In other words, the average person in 3000 will be six feet tall and live to be 120 years old. A slight reduction in the size of their mouths will also be experienced by them. Nutritional and medical science improvements will revolutionize healthcare and forever alter human evolution. In the future, everyone will have their genome screened for defects and mistakes while they are still embryos. As races mix more and more, of course, darker skin will become an evolutionary advantage because of all the extra heat and UV radiation from global warming. Some people will even turn into transhuman cyborgs with the help of nanobots.

Between now and the year 3000, the several thousand languages currently spoken will be reduced to less than a hundred, as ethnicities are drastically diminished around the world. A few languages, English, Mandarin, and Spanish for example, will be vying for the top spot as the universal language of our species. All cultural memes will eventually blend together in the great melting pot of consolidated cosmopolitan megacities. Around a thousand years from now, 200 separate nations will all use the same form of electronic blockchain currency to better facilitate this process. In order to strengthen the global economy, this will eventually be required by the planetary parliament of the people. As the countries of the world come together more and more, the metric system will become the universal standard of measurement across the solar system. Mass disarmament and substantial divestment from military budgets will enable more socialized investments to occur. This will help pave the way for peace through unrestricted intercontinental and interplanetary trade and travel across and between the worlds of tomorrow.

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