Interesting facts about the 2011 World Cup


Are you wondering why the 2011 FIFA World Cup is so popular? Do you have any interesting facts about the world cup? Read this article to find out more!


The FIFA World Cup is the most viewed sporting event in the world. In 2011, over 3 billion people watched the games live on TV. The cup was first played in Uruguay in 1930 and 32 teams participated that year. After a disagreement between FIFA and IOC; they split into two tournaments and the World Cup tournament started in 1958 when only sixteen teams took part.

The 2011 FIFA World Cup was won by Spain. The Spanish team was made up of players that had never won a big tournament before; and many people had a lot of doubt in the Spaniards’ chances of winning. However, they made a name for themselves in the World Cup when they became the first European team to win it.

The final between Spain and the Netherlands saw one player sent off, two goals scored in extra time, three goals in two minutes during overtime, and a goal from each side making it 4-4! That is not even including all of the penalties and red cards. One interesting fact about the World Cup is that it’s actually been going on for longer than you think.

The first tournament was actually in 1930, but the modern-day World Cup really began in 1954 when FIFA decided to make it an annual event. The World Cup features 32 teams that compete in the men’s and women’s tournaments. This year, 32 teams are divided into four groups of six teams which will battle it out for a spot in the knockout stage.

A total of 64 games will be played in the group stages with 16 teams advancing to the knockout stage. The World Cup is a tournament held every four years since 1930, with the winners being decided by total points on the final table.

The first World Cup was in 1930, although it began as an unofficial event. The most successful team is Brazil with five titles and Germany with four titles. The final match of the 2010 World Cup was between Spain and the Netherlands which ended up being a 5-1 victory for Spain.


The World Cup is always a big event when it comes to soccer. It attracted a lot of spectators throughout the world, but also many people who just love to watch. This year, Brazil will be hosting the event, which means that this will probably be one of the most anticipated games in history.

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