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Josh: India’s Leading Short Video App Collaborates with T-Series for Chart-Topping Love Song!

Last updated on April 12th, 2024 at 02:45 am

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Josh, the acquaintance Indian abbreviate video app, has durably anchored its position as the bazaar leader, acknowledging its all-inclusive and amorous user community. Content creators and admirers acquire immense achievement from the platform’s offerings. Josh Afresh collaborated with T-Series for the absorbing adulation song Simroon Tera Naam, which stars the beauteous Dibya Khosla Kumar!

Speaking of the song Simroon Tera Naam from the accessible cine “Yaariyan 2” has been trending back since its release! The song stars Divya Khosla Kumar. They say Adulation is complicated, Witness the adulation adventure of absent promises, absent achievement & absent happiness! The advocate is apparent afire bridges of the accomplished to body a new tomorrow. The battle amid adulation and charge is beautifully depicted in the song Simroon Tera Naam!

Josh launched an absolute attack called #SimroonTeraNaam on September 28 and October 10, 2023, and users of the Belvedere not alone adored the music but also fabricated videos for the absurd tune. With 97.9Mn video views, 7.4Mn hearts, and 1.9K videos produced, the attack was a big success. Amazing, isn’t that?

To add to the celebrations, the claiming garnered accord from about 25 Top Influencers. Here’s to adulatory the accomplished aggregation added success Here are some glimpses of the trending claiming :

Beautiful Creations Below :

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