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Modi addressed people on the first day of the winter session

On 7th of December PM Narendra Modi said in the parliament Rajya Sabha that,” This session is important because we met before 15th August, completed 75 years on 15th August and now we will move forward in the journey of Amrit Kaal.”

“We are meeting today at a time when our country India has got the opportunity to host the G20. The way India’s place has been made in the world community or the way expectations from India have increased or the way India is increasing its participation on the global stage, it is a great opportunity for India to host the G20 at this time. This is not just a diplomatic event, but this G20 summit is an opportunity to present India’s potential to the whole world. India has Such a big democracy, so much potential, so much diversity.

Modi also said,” In the past days, discussions were held with the presidents of all the parties in a friendly environment. Its reflection will definitely be seen in the house also, the voice will rise from the house which will be useful in presenting the potential of India to the world.

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In this session, to take the country to new heights, there will be an attempt in this session to take many important decisions keeping in mind, the opportunity for India to move forward in the present global circumstances. I am sure that all political parties will increase the value of the discussion and will give new strength to the decisions with their thoughts.

The Winter Session of Parliament is an important one, as it is the last session before the budget is presented. The government has a lot of business to conduct and it is hoped that this session will be a productive one. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the government is committed to working towards the goal of ‘One Nation, One Constitution’ and that all parties should come together to make this happen. We hope that the Winter Session is a productive one and that the government is able to achieve its goals.

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