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Nitin Gadkari Extends Warm Wishes on Engineer’s Day, Honoring M. Visvesvaraya Ji

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Nitin Gadkari, a prominent figure in Indian politics, took to Twitter to extend heartfelt wishes on Engineer’s Day while paying homage to the iconic M. Visvesvaraya Ji, whose birth anniversary coincides with this special occasion.

Celebrating Engineer’s Day with Nitin Gadkari:

In his tweet, Nitin Gadkari conveyed his greetings for Engineer’s Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the remarkable contributions of engineers to society. He fondly remembered Bharat Ratna Sir M. Visvesvaraya Ji, an eminent engineer and statesman, whose legacy continues to inspire generations.

M. Visvesvaraya Ji’s life and work exemplify the spirit of engineering excellence and innovation. His pioneering contributions laid the foundation for numerous advancements in the field of engineering, benefiting not only India but the world at large.

Nitin Gadkari emphasized that engineers are the architects of progress, turning dreams into reality through their ingenuity, dedication, and unwavering commitment. Engineer’s Day serves as a fitting occasion to salute their vital role in shaping a brighter future.

As we celebrate Engineer’s Day, Nitin Gadkari’s message reminds us to honor the legacy of visionaries like M. Visvesvaraya Ji and recognize the transformative power of engineering in driving global progress and innovation. Engineers, with their creativity and expertise, continue to make invaluable contributions to society, shaping a better world for all.

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